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Classes Available
  • What is Real Remy Hair
  • Strategies to Start Your Business (Available to any aspiring entrepreneur)
  • Understanding the 4 Different Types of Investors
  • Tips to Enter the Hair Industry
  • Setting Up Your Pricing Structure to Earn a Profit
  • Perfecting Your Wholesale Orders: A Guide to Minimize Inventory by Picking the Right Textures and Lengths for Your Clients
  • Managing Your Inventory: What to do when you receive your first order
  • Building Product Knowledge: learning the difference between hair textures and how to properly maintain each
  • Using Social Media to Build Your Business; how to run ads on Facebook that will build your customer base and a loyal following
  • Sales Strategies: Identifying your niche and Closing the sale
  • Packing and Shipping to Protect Your Product
  • Designing a Professional Brand