A.M.E.N. provides the best hair in the world!

How can we say that?
Our President, Alix Moore, not only has a twenty year personal relationship with the factory that manufactures the human hair but she has also trained the workers in the factory to produce the hair to her specifications. The hair does not mat or shed profusely like many brands. In fact, the more you use it, the better it gets. It can be worn for at least one year.
Remy hair is a term tossed loosely around in the industry, however Alix knows that there is a technique to identify and manufacture authentic Remy hair. This has enabled her to maintain the highest standard of hair for distribution. She refuses to sell her clients “Virgin Remy Unprocessed Brazilian Hair” that was manufactured in China. This standard has built her clientele of hair distributors and allows it to continue grow with business owners who are serious about hair and only want to work with the best.

Alix Moore's Quality Remy


AlixExpress Hair Quality

FYI: 85% of the world’s hair comes from India and 15% from China. Why? Because the majority of Indians are Hindus and they are the ones who tonsure their hair (or make religious sacrifices with their hair), and the majority of Malaysians, Cambodians and Chinese are Buddhist, and tonsuring is not their practice, so therefore the hair must come from elsewhere where there is an overflow of hair. At the same time, Brazilians and Peruvians, value their long luscious, locks, and a large number of Brazilian women wear Indian Hair Extensions, so why would they sell their hair to us?