A.M.E.N. is designed to provide those interested in starting or expanding their human hair business with the resources, products and training necessary to catapult you to the next level!

These workshops are designed to guide you through the basic and intricate details of starting your own human hair manufacturing business in the most cost efficient and time effective way. Most people don’t tell you the real facts when it comes to starting in the human hair industry, nor will researching the internet, and you go blindly into it, not knowing the pit falls. In our various workshops, you will know how much money and time it will take to get going strong in your business; you’ll learn your realistic target market and how to capture them. In addition, you will produce a clear written vision, mission statement, budget, and business operational plan all while learning how to make/distribute your own hair using raw hair from India!

All are welcome

Financial Responsibility

All students are responsible for full payment of classes before attending. NO REFUNDS. If a student misses a prepaid class, the student has up to 90 days to make it up or monies will be forfeited.

No Exchanges or refunds on classes, and/or consulting services.

HANDS ON WORKSHOPS- Learn how to Create Your Own Line of Hair Extensions