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Beware of Indian Hair Business  Imposters

There’s a saying, “there’s nothing new under the sun”. You’ve probably heard it. But is that a statement for the hair industry? There is something that I, Alix Moore, introduced to the world in the early 1990’s, and that’s INDIAN REMY HAIR. As I’m sitting in the country of India being creative, I decided to explore this topic even further, and this will become my 1st blog post. How does an unknown Indian man come out of nowhere, and try to teach Black women how to enter the hair business? I figured it out quickly... Before he launched his business, he took my online course in 2016, and now has his own online course which is almost an exact carbon copy of my course, and he even used the name of MY course! If I chose to do so I could sue him for infringing upon my copyright, but I’ll simply expose him through my blog. It looks like he’s one of my biggest fans. LOL. One thing I’ve ascertained from him is that my pricing is TOO cheap. I know that I could charge through the roof, but I also know how economically conservative my people are. In spite of that, some people won’t do any research and will pay this guy for the same info that he plagiarized directly from me. If you’re smart, you won’t pay a guy claiming to be an INDIAN HAIR EXPERT, who only has 1 to 2 years of “experience” whose claim to fame is having his own hair factory. News flash: Having a factory doesn’t qualify you to show people how to start a hair business. Ladies, please don’t patronize an industry leech that doesn’t care about selling you quality products, or care about giving back to your community by showing you how to do this for yourself. The way he got noticed is by stealing my material and passing it off as his own. You can even find him on YouTube trying to start a video beef with me, which is insane. What do you guys think of this nonsense? Anyway, I’ll go check out his hair when I get back to L.A. STAY TUNED!


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