Welcome to Alix Moore Enterprises!

You have taken the 1st step into taking your hair business to the next level. Here at Alix Moore, we pride ourselves on giving you unbiased, up to date, and relevant information that will catapult you into achieving your hair and business goals.

We give our members custom information based on individual assessments and goals, along with 1 on 1 Power Mentoring Sessions, designed to give you continuous support as you grow your business. 

Does This Sound Like You?

You are tired of spending thousands of dollars and time, testing vendors who don't add up to your expectation

 You don’t have time to grow your business because you are working in your business

 You are interested in the hair business,  but don’t know where to start

 You are not selling as fast as you thought you would

    You want a piece of this $10 Billion dollar industry

You have a business but need help to grow 

 You want to take control of your future

You’ve never started a business

You want the best hair

and price 

Why Should You Work With Us?

Like yourself, we are also a small business, and because of the extensive experience we've developed over the years, we know what it takes to accomplish your goals. We are dedicated to make sure that you achieve success in all aspects of your business!

What We Offer

 Hands on Training in Manufacturing (Wefting, Wigs, Making Custom Textures, and Coloring)

Online Course ( A must have if new to the Hair Industry or Business)

Hair and Business Consulting/ Power Mentoring

The BillionHair Marketing System

The Best Hair in the World

Factory Set Ups

Are You in Business and Need Financing?

Ready For Business?