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10 Billion-dollar Industry... Let me Help


Industry Facts

*  Black women represent 90% of the hair extension market.

*  Approximately 6 out of 10 women wears some type of hair extensions.

*  You don't have to know this business to start your business.

*  Do not be fooled, this is not a business you can start WITHOUT MONEY, all businesses require an investment.

* This is not a get rich quick business unless you are already rich or you are a major influencer, it will take time to build.

* $10 Billion-dollars per year equates to $30 Million per day that is NOT being spent amongst us.

*  It's time for us to take our PIECE of this Industry!

Beware of companies who promises to teach you how to "Be Your Own Boss", sets you up with your own website, (through their portal so it's not yours), and dropships their own vendors, overpriced Chinese-made hair for you, to your customer.  This is NOT your business, it is theirs and you are  making money for them.
We are here to help those who want to start THEIR OWN successful hair business by giving you Unmatched Wholesale pricing on LUXURY Indian hair, in addition to offering you all of the strategies, support and resources that you may need when starting or growing your business.

With over 30 years experience as a pioneer in the industry, Alix Moore is unlike other “Vendors/Suppliers”, who just want the sale.  She gives you a wealth of knowledge for building, growing and sustaining your business.

We understand how frustrating it is as a stylist, to risk your reputation by selling hair to your clients, not knowing if the quality is good or bad. So we are focused on making sure that you are confident, while doubling your income.

Not to mention Entrepreneurs... If you want the RAW TRUTH when starting your hair business, or you want help to grow your existing business, then you’ve come to the right place!

Become a Member of and we promise to guide you in the most honest way to achieve the results you want.  We love hair, we understand the industry inside out, and we look forward to seeing you become more successful!

Wholesale Membership


Things to Know

Once I become a member, what's next?

You will receive and email where you will get your login information and you'll be able to access the online course, wholesale pricing, and receive personal support from Alix Moore and her team.



Can I just purchase 1 bundle or a sample or your product?

 Orders under 10 pieces can be purchased by going to  Bundles are normally shipped in 24 hours for 2-3 day delivery. 

We also host Weave on Wednesday's Webinar and

FaceBook Live at 5pm PST on Wednesdays

How long does it take hair to come after it is ordered?

Wholesale orders coming from India generally take between 10-14 days. After purchasing, please be patient, as we don't give regular updates on when the product will arrive in the USA. We only give you the tracking number once the product is received on our end, and then shipped to you.  If you were to order yourself from India, it would take the same amount of time using our factory.   Once we receive the hair and inspect it, we send to you immediately.  The difference between us and you is 2 days. 

Why does it take so long to come?

Blame it on India! Because this is natural hair, and we deal with multiple orders, some may need to be custom made.  In addition, our factory is in a remote area in India, and it takes time to get it from the factory to the actual shipping facility/state.  Rest assured, you will receive your hair as soon as it is delivered to us an is inspected.

Does the hair come packaged?

Hair will come to you as a wholesale product with only standard packaging. You may want to rinse, dry, tag  and bag your own hair.

If I get a bad batch of hair, can I get a refund?

Our product is inspected prior to being shipped to ensure you are getting a quality product. We do offer a no matting guarantee and will replace any hair that is found to be defective based on our manufacturing.  No refunds, exchanges only.

What if I don't receive the perfect texture?

Since we have no way of knowing who cut their hair off at the temple (straight, wavy, or curly), we cannot ever guarantee textures. This is why we created the “LEVEL SYSTEM”, so that when you order, we can get as close to your desired texture as possible. This is a reason why it is important to learn how to change the textures of your own hair using the perming or texturizing method.  

If you are a reseller, you should have all textures on hand and should replace from your own stock.  We do not exchange if the texture is not exactly as ordered.

Because of the nature of ordering Imported Human Hair, We do not offer cash refunds but we will exchange any bad batch.


What’s the Procedure for Bad Batches?

Send the hair to : Alix Moore Enterprises. 626 Wilshire Blvd. #410. Los Angeles, CA 90017 with a check or money order for $15. We will inspect the hair and determine the problem. If there is a manufacturing defect, we will exchange immediately, if not, we will send your original hair back more beautiful than we received it.

I am not sure if the membership is for me...

It's OK... It's not for everyone.  This is for people who want trusted quality, the best pricing, and resources that Alix Moore has to offer.    If you want to purchase less than 10 bundles, please go to, or tune in to one of our Wednesday Webinars.

If I register for a workshop, purchase the membership or the online course and don't want it, can I cancel and get a refund?

Memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE. Most workshops come with supplies and are ordered specifically for you. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any cash refunds for workshops, however, the classes are transferrable to another person or can be rescheduled. Funds cannot be transferred to purchase hair. The online course is also NON-REFUNDABLE.

How much money can I make in this business?

The income potential is unlimited. We aim to have each student generating at least 5,000 per month. Business is business so you must deduct for overhead expenses, inventory, taxes, marketing etc.  I can tell you that you can generate $50-100,000 per month when your business is up and running.  Let me help...

Do you have an order minimum?

Yes its 10 pieces.

How many bundles (packs) are in a kilo?

10 bundles. Each bundle is approx.. 3.5 ounces. Each kilo will service approx. 3clients. So if your target is 10 people that you want to sell to, you will need 3 kilos/ 30 bundles of hair. 

How do I find a supplier in India to order hair for myself?

A.M.E.N. does offer a Personal Hair Vendors List for $799. It includes 1 Raw Chinese Bundle Vendor, 1 Processed Chinese  Bundle Vendor (best price and quality in China), 2 Chinese Affordable Wig Vendors, and 1 Raw Indian Hair Vendor, (not my personal factory but the best for raw hair), 1 Hair Products/ Tools Vendor, and a Packaging vendor.  Call for more info.

A.M.E.N does not offer any guarantees on product not manufactured by our factory in India, nor are we responsible for any mishaps or delays connected to those orders of hair. However, since she has personal experience with these companies, she does vouch for the hair being Remy hair that’s wefted with integrity.

Can I buy specific lengths?

Yes. As well as you can purchase a sample package of all textures in 16” so you can display in your shop or store. We advise never showing small snippets of samples….it only shows you as not being invested in your product.

Do you color the hair?

Not any more! However, we do offered 6 different colored blondes in straight hair only. Order samples if you'd like to see the colors in person.

If I bought hair from somewhere else can you look at it for to tell me if it is good hair?

Yes, our staff has been thoroughly trained to provide expert evaluation of any human hair product you may carry. Just send a self addressed package to Alix Moore Enterprises so we can check for you and tell you our honest opinion…. Free of charge: )

One on One Mentorship

If you know Alix, you know she loves to talk... especially about the hair business.  Incorporate that, with all of the experience she has in every phase of the business, and you're sure to get winning answers to any question you may have ... Invaluable!

Online Course

Proven strategies in starting your own business in the human hair industry are essential to growth. They will help you Eliminate the Anxiety and Self-Doubt, that’s hindering your chances of success in this industry.
With our support, you can transform into that Confident, Successful Business Owner that you deserve to be, and supply the product that clients are desperately looking for. If you’re ready to start your hair business, then start here with our Online Course.

* The True Meaning of Remy Hair
* Basics of starting your Business
* How Will You Start Your Business ( Brick and Mortar~ Online~ Distribution)?
* What’s Needed to Start
* Placing Your First Order and What to Expect
* Pricing Your Product
* Sales Strategies
* Packing and Shipping
* Handling Disputes
* Building Business Credit
and More



Make Money With Ease

Just because you don't know anything about hair, doesn't mean you can't start a business.  We make it easy for you quickly learn and start your business.


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No Matting Guranteed

Because our hair is Remy, we guarantee that it will not mat.  If matting occurs, send it back within 90 days for an exchange. If the hair is in the original pre-shipping state, you can send it back for full refund within 30 days.