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QHow much money does it take to start a business?
A. Like with any other business, it’s really depends on the budget you can realistically obtain and how best to appropriate those funds toward your startup expenses. We recommend a minimum of $12,500. This would include hair, training, websites, and some marketing.…of course you can start lower.

Can I get a hair sample?
A. Since we are realists, samples are serious. We don’t believe in being judged on 1 piece of hair.  The real way to judge, is to purchase 3 and wear them, or if you don’t wear hair, purchase 3 samples, (one straight, wavy and curly).

Q. How long does it take hair to come after it is ordered?
A. Orders coming from India generally take between 10-14 business days, simply because we have multiple orders every day, however, larger orders can come in faster.  If you order 3 bundles, please be prepared to wait because you can’t order just 3 bundles from India, it must be in volume, so we must wait for others to order with you.  Please join our Facebook page for Order Updates.

Q. Does the hair come packaged?
A. Hair will come to you in simple bags as a wholesale product. You will want to shampoo, condition and tag and bag your own hair.

Q. If I get a bad batch of hair, can I get a refund?
A. Our product is inspected prior to being shipped to ensure you are getting a quality product. We do offer a no matting guarantee and will replace any hair that is found to be defective based on our manufacturing.

Unfortunately, we must receive the hair back 1st to inspect it, because sometimes, people who’ve never used Righteous Remy Hair may view tangling as matting or may not use the proper conditioners to tell if its right or wrong.

Also, because we don’t know how the stylist applied the hair, it’s tough to determine without seeing the hair.

Because of the nature of ordering Importing human hair, we do not offer cash refunds, but we will exchange any batch deemed bad.

Q. What’s the Procedure for Bad Batches?
A. Send hair to: 1880 S. Dairy Ashford Rd #415 * Houston * Texas * 77077, with a check or money order for $10.  We will inspect the hair and determine the problem.  If there is a manufacturing defect, we will exchange it, if not, we will send your original hair back with an explanation.

Q. What if I didn’t receive what I ordered, or I made a mistake?
A. This is a touchy situation for us all because once I order the hair from India, if I am not there personally packing them up, it’s kind of hard to get perfection every time. In addition, since we have no way of knowing who cut their hair off at the temple (straight, wavy, or curly), we cannot ever guarantee textures.  Therefore, I created the “LEVEL SYSTEM”, so that when you order, we can get as close to your desired texture as possible.   This is a reason why it is important to learn how to change the textures of your hair.

Remember, the reason we wait for the hair is because its cheaper than me having it on hand and charging you the retail price. Because I am in the business to bless Black America, I don’t make real money on hair sales, so I would appreciate if you are in the hair business, or if you know someone who buys hair…. SELL IT TO THEM. If you send back to me, I will sell it 1st, then order your new piece.  If you choose not to wait, there will be a $25 per bundle service charge

 I am not sure if wefting is for me, do I have to take a manufacturing course now?
A. No you do not. You can simply purchase a finished product and start selling now. Over time, you will discover the need to manufacture your own product and we will be there to assist you. At your consultation, these and other strategies will be discussed.

Q. I am not sure if the Ultimate Remy Hair Course is for me?
A. This course is if you have never sold Indian Remy Hair and want to get information or if you are selling already and want to get a better/consistent product. In the course, I have answered many questions that you will initially have upfront making it easier for you to decide to do this business.  The course is worth it if you want to start selling hair, or go to the next level in your product and sales.

My hair is shedding, what can I do?
A. This is a scenario we sadly hear often in the business.  Through my experience, you normally get perfect hair when you pay the retail price for it, or make it yourself… plain and simple.

Because the single wefting process (which is the best way to manufacture for hair not to shed), cannot be mass produced, it is very touch to provide quantity and severe quality at the same time.  There will be lack somewhere.  Our wefts are beautifully crafted the standard way of wefting which is double wefts, there is no way guaranteed no shedding. The good news is, not every bundle will shed, so if you have experienced your hair shedding, rest assured that it is impossible for all 3 bundles in your head to shed.  It may only be one.  Identify the one bundle, give it some time and see if it will stop.  If it doesn’t stop, buy another.

Q. If I register for a workshop, can I cancel and get a refund?
A. Most workshops come with supplies and are ordered specifically for you. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any cash refunds for workshops, however, the classes are transferable to another person or can be rescheduled. Funds cannot be transferred to hair purchase.

How much money can I make in this business?
A. The income potential is unlimited. You can make from$500 per month to 100,000 per month, the sky is the limit!  Business is business, so you must add/deduct for overhead expenses, inventory, taxes, marketing etc.

Do you have an order minimum?
A. Yes, its 3.  We have different prices for different amounts of hair

How many bundles (packs) are in a kilo?
A. 10 bundles. Each bundle is approx. 3.5 ounces. Each kilo will service 3-5 customers. So, if you have 40 people you want to sell to, you will need 10 kilos of hair.  Whatever the bundle amount, if you order a kilo, you will receive a kilo.

Can I go with Alix to India?
A. Yes, Alix is available for overseas trips. She can eliminate the hassle of being new to a foreign country, while guiding you to the supplier or your choice. Check our Intl’ Tour Section for pricing and dates.

How do I find a supplier in India to order hair for myself?
A.M.E.N. does offer Indian supplier information for $1000 each and offers her own factory sourcing for $25,000 … This includes an all-inclusive tour of the Factory in India, how to order, how to pay, and all communications.

A.M.E.N does not offer any guarantees on product not manufactured by our factory in India, nor are we responsible for any mishaps or delays connected to those orders of hair. However, since she has personal experience with these companies, she does vouch for the hair being remy hair that’s wefted with integrity.

Can I buy specific lengths?
A. Yes. As well as you can purchase a sample package of all textures in 16” so you can display in your shop or store. We advise never showing small snippets of samples….it only shows you as not being invested in your product.

Do you color the hair?
A. Yes, we offer colors now.  Blondes and Reds!

If I bought hair from somewhere else can you look at it for to tell me if it is good hair?
A. Yes, our staff has been thoroughly trained to provide expert evaluation of any human hair product you may carry. Just send a self-addressed package to Alix Moore Enterprises so we can check for you and tell you our honest opinion…. Free of charge:)

Don’t the Asian’s have the hair game pretty much locked down?
A. Yes and No. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t aware that we can learn manufacture our own human hair products, not settle for a poor-quality product, and make good money. So, by bad habit, we continue to buy throw-away hair. This Market is too big for any one group to have it “locked down”, except us!!!