How to Make Money Selling Hair Extensions Online in 2022

Selling Hair Extensions is BIG BUSINESS!

The Hair Extension Industry is valued at 5.8 Billion in 2021 and expected to grow to 13.3 Billion per year by 2026. (

Many people believe that the market is oversaturated, but the statistics definitely show us otherwise.

Have you ever asked yourself how you could make money selling hair?

Well there are a few options that you may have when figuring out which way to start your business.

By being in the hair business from over 35 years, We’ve used every possible method of selling hair, starting with being a stylist and selling directly to clients. The reason we ventured full time into selling hair extensions, is because most our our clients wanted our hair and so did many other ladies who weren’t our clients. We did not want to compete with other stylist who were referring their clients to purchase hair.
We went on to open a “Brick and Mortar”, which proved to be very profitable because women prefer to pick out their own hair in person. Once we created a hair factory in India, it made us work even harder to provide quality products at a wholesale price to USA Entrepreneurs. This is what led us into Teaching others How to Weft Their Own Hair and Wigs, and Start Their Own Hair Business.

Today, we have evolved into a full Beauty Business Building System to help you to really understand what’s needed to start your business the right way, from the beginning.  If you aren’t sure, then please call us @404.645.1829