Hair Business Online Course/ Be Your OwnImporter

The online course is included in Alix's membership.  However, this is package is ideal for those who want to BE THEIR OWN IMPORTER.  This package gives you options outside of AMEN. Get all of the information you need HERE, to catapult your business today using Personal Vendors that Alix Moore has cultivated lasting relationships with, (not to mention their hair is affordable and the bomb)!

Vendors include 1 Raw Indian Virgin hair Company (One of the best in India), 1 Raw Chinese Hair vendor, (Hair only comes Straight and body wave (lengths from 16-22), 2 Chinese wigs manufacturers, (cheap and cool), 1- Packaging Company, and 1- Beauty Products Vendor. Everything you need to start or grow a successful hair extension business.

* The True Meaning of Remy Hair
* Basics of starting your Business
* How Will You Start Your Business ( Brick and Mortar~ Online~ Distribution)?
* What’s Needed to Start
* Placing Your First Order and What to Expect
* Pricing Your Product
* Sales Strategies
* Packing and Shipping
* Handling Disputes
* Building Business Credit
and More