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Our Indian Factory

With most Raw Virgin Remy Indian hair companies, you may order one thing and receive another.  In fact, you never know what type of hair you will receive!  Whether it will be processed or non-remy.  Most times the hair is hard, the ends are fried, comes with lice, and there are many short strands, making the hair look "used" to your clients.

Unlike other Indian hair companies, our hair factory is proven to be a global leader in producing hair that the market wants.  

MASS MARKETABLE INDIAN HAIR is very important when starting your business because unlike raw hair, this hair will not come in sporadic textures and colors.  It will come pretty much uniform so that you'll be able to sell easily to your clients.

Our hair is "Remy" meaning the cuticle layer is intact and going in the same direction.  We have sanitized the hair completely of its prior human traits that are usually left on raw hair, and sealed it in silicone to give you the immediate softness that your clients are used too when purchasing from beauty supplies.  The difference is, after the silicone is rinsed off of the beauty supply or processed hair after several shampoos... Our hair gets better with time!   It can easily be chemically altered, bleached/colored, and can last between 1-10 years.   We guarantee No Matting.

In addition, we are introducing our one of a kind, INDIAN REMY BLONDE HAIR COLLECTION, so you can increase your bottom line and your clients won't have to waste your time coloring.  

 Our Remy hair is designed with the Entrepreneur in mind, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED ON ALL SIDES!

By Alix Moore spending years in India perfecting the assembly line production process for manufacturing in our Indian Factory, We stand behind our hair.

While the average Indian Factory only has the capacity to manufacture 200-2000 bundles per month, our factory makes over 100,000 per month. Need I say more?

Because our factory employs hundreds of skilled workers, you don't have to worry about whether or not your next batch will be as good as our first.  You'll receive the same level of quality, every time your order.

 Introducing our New Blonde Line of Indian Hair



The video below shows our different textures of our natural Indian Hair

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