1 Day Machine Weft Training

BE YOUR OWN MANUFACTURER – 1 DAY MACHINE WEFTING WORKSHOP  1-day class   8 hours   Learn how to manufacture your own line of human hair and bring back manufacturing to the USA in this multi-billion dollar industry today! 

      • WIG TRAINING Using Frontals, Closures and Bundles   OR
      • WEFT TRAINING- Using Raw Bulk Indian Hair
      • INCLUDES:
      • INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE FOR MAKING WEFTS OR (Makes bundles in 1 HOUR   ($2000 Value)
      • 8/hr Hands On Training ($1600 Value)
      • All supplies Included:
      • Wefting DVD
      • Scale, scissors, hackle, rubber bands,combs brushes and more…
      • 3 Kgs. of loose hair (FOR WEFTING PRACTICE) (Equivalent to 30 Bundles Kg of loose hair  (wefting practice)
      • How to take loose hair and make the weft using only thread and technique.
      • How to hackle hair to be wefted.
      •  How to blend the hairs for textures.
      • How to push hair forward as you sew. How to carefully position your finger as you sew hairs.
      • How to use your machine, how to thread, replace bobbins, and calibrate, etc.
      • How to change thickness of weft (thicker / thinner wefts)
      • How to fix problems as they occur with hair and machine.    BONUS TECHNIQUES ARE INCLUDED!



This package is great for the entrepreneur who wants to make wefts fast and professionally.  Wefting is the 1st step in manufacturing human hair. The only way to reclaim our hair extension industry is we must become manufacturers by making our own hair instead of waiting for other to do it for us.

F.Y.I. Since bundled hair is so expensive to use for practicing to make wigs, it is best to learn to weft 1st, because you can use the practice wefts for your practice wigs, instead of purchasing retail hair to practice with. If you want to do both trainings, we can upgrade you for $2500 and you’ll receive all.