Indian Remy Human Hair Bundles

We are building businesses, so there is a 10 Bundle Minimum Order Please.
Indian Remy hair comes in a variety of textures. The most popular is the level 5/6 which is wavy. When ordering level 1/2, it comes straight and when conditioned, will end up as 3/4. When ordering level 9/10 which should be the curliest natural hair, take note that because there are not a lot of curly hair Indian women, you may not get the exact curl texture that you want but we will get it as close to it as possible… So 9/10 may come 7/8. best Indian Remy Human Hair Bundles we are providing.


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Our Indian Remy Human Hair Bundles are the Best on the Market, PERIOD. Why? Because unlike other raw virgin Indian "Remy" hair that comes rough and dry with the possibility of matting, you don't have to shampoo and condition our hair for 4-6 months before it is trained and beautiful.  Our hair comes that way!  It has been cleaned and infused with silicone, just so that ladies who are used to wearing processed hair, will feel 100% comfortable when switching over. In addition, unlike processed hair, after shampooing several times, the silicone rinses off and leaves your hair dry and matting.  NOT OURS! Since our REMY hair still has the cuticle layer on it - and going in the same direction, we guarantee NO MATTING if properly cared for.  The more you use our hair, THE BETTER IT GETS!  Your clients will love you for it!