If you are ready to take control of your business, this Virgin Hair Vendor will give you all the power you need to make as much money as you’d like! This Virgin Hair Vendor could possibly change your life.


If you didn’t know, it can cost between $5-10,000 to go to India and China to find vendors for Raw Virgin Chinese or Indian Hair. That’s only if you are lucky to find them the first time, (which is highly unlikely).

I’ve traveled to China many times and have only found 2-3 vendors who had the quality that I’m used to having.  I excited to share this information with you to help you start or grow your business.

This vendor is FIYA! Why because many vendors claim to have Virgin hair, but I know for a fact that it isn’t!  How do I know?  Because all of my years of traveling to many parts of Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, & Taiwan,  I’ve never seen anyone with naturally curly hair. So this means that only STRAIGHT hair can be raw virgin when buying from Asia, and only if the cuticle layer is not stripped off.

When I found this vendor, it restored my faith in the hair industry. After being in the Raw hair business for many years, you couldn’t pay me to wear what I used to call “stupid hair”.

While living in China, after meeting many vendors and going to multiple factories, I was pleased to know that someone had someone had integrity and a Great Quality Processed hair. You may refer to it as “Brazilian” or Peruvian or Cambodian, or whatever they tell you when purchasing it. Keep in mind, none of the above mentioned, sells their hair).

Not only is their hair the bomb, they have the greatest wholesale pricing ever. I wore this hair for 3-4 years and it was never problem. I actually passed it along to my neighbor.

I’ll attach a pic of me wearing this hair.

**Disclaimer: Although I know these vendors personally and know they have a great product, I do not guarantee their timelines, product quality, shipping, or pricing.