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Tips For Care

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Level 1/2 comes straight but when shampooed has a very slight wave. It can be worn in its natural texture but has to be rinsed and conditioned every other day to achieve the best results. It’s flat ironed to keep from tangling. When wearing straight, shampoo every 7-10 days for freshness.

Level 3/4 comes straight and is the same as Level 1/2

Level 5/6 comes in natural large body wave. This hair can be worn in its wavy texture and is very easy to flat iron and wear straight. It also holds a good ringlet curl because of its already naturally wavy texture. The achieve the best results when wearing wavy, it should be rinsed and conditioned every other day, and while wearing straight should be cleaned every 7-10 days.

Level 7/8 comes a little wavier than 5/6, and will because of its human nature of the hair, will come in the 9/10 texture. It can be worn in its natural texture and can still be flat ironed, however, humid weather conditions can make the hair go back to its natural wavy/curly texture. This hair holds a great curl with flexibility rods or similar. The more you flat iron this hair, the more trained it will become to being straight, but will always get the body and vibrancy. While wearing in its natural state, it must be rinsed and conditioned every 2 days.

Level 9/10 is our natural curliest hair. This hair is very rare because there are not a lot of Indian Ladies with very curly hair. This is the reason Indian hair is not the most popular, because it doesn’t come in all the man-made textures as the Asian hair does. We can not guarantee that you will receive the exact curl pattern you want every time, but we can guarantee that you’ll love it! This hair can be flat ironed but of course humidity will make it revert back to its natural texture until it is trained. For best results when wearing curly, rinse and condition every 2 days.