Get Training On Starting Your Hair Company or Factory

Why should we let others dominate our industry?

Here is my take, if we can stand up and do a weave hair for 3 hours, color hair, or make a wig, why cant we sit down on a machine and make a bundle in 30 minutes?   I feel that anyone who is in the hair business, anyone who wears a weave, and anyone who has a daught should have a machine in their home or business.

Let’s take back our industry through manufacturing our own line of hair.  We can help with: 

  • Hands-on Machine Weft Training
  • Factory Set-Ups (Manufacturing)
  • Employee Training (Coloring, Perming, Texturizing), and customer service.
  • Indian Hair

    The Ultimate Hair Business University (Be Your Own Importer)

  • DVDs

  • The Ultimate Hair Business Online Course


Hands on Learning Courses