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 Alix Moore is a member based wholesaler of Premium Indian & Chinese Human Hair.   I've been in the hair industry 35 years as a international business woman, mentor, and author of the Hair Extension Industry's 1st book entitled, "The Truth About the Human Hair Industry, Wake Up Black America!  I provide hands on training workshops in human hair manufacturing, and can orchestrate full hair factory setups.  I've just recently developed and launched the Beauty Industry’s 1st Done4U Automated Marketing System to make the Hair Extension Sales Process much easier! 


Providing the next generation of young ladies and men, the tools and training needed to become factory owners and major distributors.

Let me show you how to make 6 figures or more by working 50% less, even if:

✅ You don’t know anything about the hair industry or have never started a business

✅ You already have a business and no customers

✅ You are not tech savvy

✅ No skills but strong desire

My Mission: Helping Black America, take our PIECE of this multi-billion dollar industry that we are the #1 consumers of!


Here's How To Do It...

Learn to Manufacture your own line of hair extension products and become a master at producing quality. Then, create employment opportunities within your own community. 

Start your professional hair business from the ground up with all of the resources you need to be successful.

Set up a proper business foundation

Gain direct access to hair vendors so you'll control your businesses growth

Create your website (if you don't have one),

Plug-into my new online marketing system designed for your business to attract and easily follow up with new clients daily.

In easy read: (SET UP A "REAL" BUSINESS FOUNDATION & SCALABLE MARKETING SYSTEM so that you can systematically take your piece of  this multi-billion dollar pie.

Here's Why...

We spend approximately $17 million per day on hair extensions.

 We represent 90% of the PURCHASING POWER BUT we own less than 1% of the market share, (SO WE CONTROL THE MARKET)!

Approximately 6 out of 10 women wears some type of hair extensions, and we know them by name.

The global hair wigs and extensions market size is valued at approximately USD 5.8 billion and is expected to reach USD 13.3 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 13% during 2021–2026. (https://www.arizton.com/market-reports/hair-wigs-and-extension-market-report-2024).

If we can stand behind a chair to do hair, we can sit on a machine to make hair. 

If we can learn how to use Social Media platforms, we can learn how to digitally market and grow our business.

Digital presence and the hair extension is growing 📈RAPIDLY, and owning an online hair business is the way to go!

"Most people think that we don’t have what it takes to compete with China (in manufacturing), and Korea (in USA retail distribution), when the fact is, we do".  


 ✈️In manufacturing, if China purchases their hair from India, ships it back to China, and manufactures it in China...  Why can’t we do the same?

🪐We can simply purchase raw product from India, bring it back to USA, and distribute amongst our own.

🛑 We do not need ANYONE to make our hair for us...

💯 All you'll need is the skill and machinery.


Let me Train You & Your Team

👉🏽 Manufacture Your Own Line of Human Hair Extensions

👉🏽 Full factory set ups including production line assembly

👉🏽 Complete retail store setup and design

👉🏽 Provide you with  direct access to Vendors

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💯 Alix Moore has made it easier than ever to get into the hair extension  business!

💯 Most people only show you bit's & pieces of what's needed, to really be successful in the industry. 

💯 I show you from A-Z how to effectively jump into the market and create your own hair extension empire

💯 You'll be able to compete with most major brands and influencers.

💯 All you'll need is to invest time and money, I have the blueprint.

"I don't take the quality of hair lightly... I only utilize vendors who I know, trust and use today. 

"Coupled with Using the BillionHair Marketing System, Selling the Best Quality Hair is Still the #1 Way t0 Grow A Successful Hair Business"    

Start or Grow your Hair Extension Business Today!  PLUG into The Beauty Industry's 1st Automated Marketing System, built to help you generate 50-100 NEW leads per month, while ENGAGING with Your EXISTING Clientele...    All on While on Auto Pilot.     

Make More Money While Working 50% Less! 

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Client Reviews

I have been wearing Alix's hair for years now! I can not imagine life without it. As she always says, the more you use it, the better it gets. I will never purchase hair anywhere else. She's the best kept secret!
D. Reynolds

I am a wigmaker/stylist. I have been wearing and selling Alix's hair for over 8 years. She is always there for me and I love her and her product. I'm a lifer : )
S. Raye

I have purchased from many vendors, but Alix's hair is my favorite by far! I love that the frontals matches the bundles. A rare find when dealing with Indian hair.
A. Mccoy

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