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Who said History is short and sweet,  wrapped up in a cute lil bio, with a cute lil pictures with perfect photo shoots and props?  "Not Mine!"

I've been a Licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Extensions Manufacturer for more than 35 years. My fascination with hair extensions began as a 17 year old Cosmetology School graduate and hair stylist in Los Angeles California; (Hollywood), which was the Epicenter for hair extensions.  

In the late 80's early 90's, you either purchased beauty supply hair or "premium hair", which was worn only by the rich and famous and was not easily accessible, nor was it affordable with bundle prices ranging between $450 and $700. 

All the while, beauty supply hair was cheap quality, but not cheap in price.  I would purchase approximately $5000 per year in bad hair. 

At 19 years old, I owned a popular hair salon in Los Angeles performing sew-in services for 150 to 200 clients per month.  I really felt bad for my clients, because they had to purchase bad hair as well, but the difference was, I did my own hair but they had to pay me!  Over and Over again.... IT WAS A NEVER ENDING VICIOUS CYCLE! 

Because I loved myself, my clients, and was a stickler for finding the best deals in the world... This spawned my mission to research the extensions  industry, to locate high quality hair from the source.  Back then, everyone told me that I would not succeed because they didn't let Black people into the industry... "Korea had it all sewn up".  I shut down my salon and went on a mission to find the best air in the world.

Over a 25-year period; I'd traveled to different countries to find the premium hair goods. This was the era prior to "machine wefted hair" and "mass produced" bundles becoming a trend. I successfully established relationships with factory manufacturers in Korea, India, and China for raw product.

I started off making hand-tied wefts and later ventured into the machine weft manufacturing process, (1998 I paid $10,000 to Korea to learn). Because the demand for my custom made hair extensions became too large for my small production capacity, (100kgs ever 3 months)... I began consulting with Indian factories to help me produce as I'd help them improve their slow manufacturing process, (which at that time was only done by hand as well). FYI... I started India machine wefting.

In the midst of learning and producing the newest trend in "Imported & Manufactured" Indian/Malaysian Hair Extensions - Back then I labeled my hair, "The Best Quality Hair in the World", and could rightfully do so because I made it myself... and IT WAS!  It was easy to say then as well because I was the 1st Black woman to start a public mainstream hair extension business and the 1st who set up factories in India.

My hair got the attention of celebrity stylists, (who were associates and peers), and a celebrity clientele as well. My shop was called "Exclusive Hair Importers" on Crenshaw, AKA or "Regina", and I was able to provide hair extension to a host of Hollywood Beauties.

I eventually went on to live in India and China, became and owner of 3 Indian hair extensions factories, while educating employees, as well as helping others in India start-up their own factories.

You would think that this is where it ends...  but that was the biggest part!  The hardest part was actually wrapping all the knowledge that I've learned as a business woman, traveling, teaching, selling retail and wholesale, training employees, and all that... INTO A SCALABLE SYSTEM.

Fast forward 2018-2022 - During Covid, with me being able to sit down like the rest of the world, I used it as an opportunity to learn everything I didn't know how to do for my business, and the things I had to depend on, and pay others to do for me. Im proud to say that in 4 years, I've learned:

✅ 5 different marketing system platforms, like Click Funnel, Sam Cart, etc... I had to figure out what I needed and what what the difference between them all. I use 2 right now.

✅ How to edit videos and do minor photography

✅ How to do Digital Graphics

✅ How to build out my own website

✅ How to do digital marketing (build funnels, landing pages, and automations)

✅ Found the best lead generation tool

The same passion that has been in me all my life to get to the "root" of the problem, solve the problem and then share the easy path, still exists in me today, but now I can effectively help you avoid most of the trial and error, and get straight to testimonies and triumphs!

Across the globe, I know that I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their own hair extensions business, and I'd be honored to help you achieve your vision as well.



Ask Me Anything 😃

 I Hey, thank you for reading my profile.  I hold that I've encouraged you to want to move on.  I know that I can be long winded, but I'm full of a bunch of answers to your questions.  Please feel free to book a call with me to get you going in the right direction. 

Raw footage, heck most of mine is because there in nothing glamourous about grinding and training