Alix Moore

International Hair Guru

Loving What I Do!

Alix Moore has been a Licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Extensions Manufacturer for more than 30 years. Her fascination with hair extensions began as a Stylist in Los Angeles California; which was considered the Epicenter for hair extensions. At that time, bundle prices ranged from $150- $200. Most clients purchased this hair, even though the brands produced poor quality hair, that matted and tangled only weeks later. Before age 21, Alix owned a popular hair salon in Los Angeles. She continued to hone her craft as a Master Weaveologist, personally performing sew in services for 150 to 200 clients per month.

Her client base quickly increased. However, the cost of low quality hair purchased by her clients reached more than $600 per month. At that point, the hair extensions prices became prohibitive. This spawned Alix’s mission to research the extensions manufacturing industry, to locate high quality hair at affordable prices.

Over a 20-year period; Alix traveled to different countries in her quest to help her salon clients. This was the era prior to machine wefted, mass produced bundles becoming a trend. She successfully established relationships with factory manufacturers in Korea, India, and China. She also learned the hand tied weft and machine weft manufacturing process. Years later, she began consulting with Indian factories to help them improve their slow manufacturing process, while also teaching them to incorporate mandatory sanitation procedures. Alix eventually went on to become owner of 3 Indian hair extensions factories, while educating employees, as well as helping others in India start-up their own factories.

Across the globe, Alix has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their own hair extensions business, and hopes to help you achieve your dream as well.

“ I am proud to say after having spent more than 30 years in the industry, my current factory has the largest stock and the best hair in the world!
My purpose in life, is to help those interested in launching a hair extensions company or any other business; to eliminate most of the trial and error phase. I Am highly skilled, experienced, and qualified, to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information you will need for your business success. “

Alix Moore